BH HR® Case Study

Retaining & Incentivizing Call Center & Verification Candidates


Our client, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, is dedicated to transforming healthcare by providing medical college application testing (MCAT) and American medical college application services (AMCAS). Yearly, our client experiences massive spikes in medical college applications from March to September. In fact, it is common for them to receive over 60,000 medical college applications to review in one year! As a result, our client urgently needed contingent workers to support the influx of calls, application processing, and college application verification before sending applications off to schools.


To address our client’s contingent staffing needs, Beacon Hill Associates successfully filled our client’s call center with fifteen consultants, plus ten verification consultants in just two weeks. To keep our call center team engaged and committed to their assignments, we provided incentives such as raises for hitting certain milestones, bonuses for achieving goals, and we picked team members at random for free lunches. Additionally, our compensation package was highly competitive, which helped with candidate attraction and retention.

The Results

Because of our historical knowledge supporting the same project six years in a row, our client truly values our partnership. We understand their culture and know what works best for them. Therefore, the client has asked us to continue providing services in the upcoming year.