BH Technologies® Case Study

Agile Transformation Drives Growth


Our client, a shared service organization serving affiliates that comprise the second-largest family of independent broker-dealers in the United States, had experienced tremendous growth, having acquired eleven financial institutions last year and constantly bringing on new brokers. However, they were struggling to adapt to this growth due to a lack of agile-focused support from their current agency. This agency was recommending the client hire a full team, costing $500,000 over three months, which would consume a major percentage of the client's budget for the entire year. The client sought Beacon Hill Technologies' expertise to explore alternative options.


Our team identified the client's need for a more agile-focused approach and recommended starting with an Agile coach to provide Agile advice and assist with processes. We identified a highly experienced Agile coach via LinkedIn, who offered two thirty-minute sessions to uncover the client's pain points and challenges and provide recommendations for implementation. The client was delighted with the sessions and hired the Agile coach.

The Results

The Agile coach now runs daily agile training company-wide and is focused on educating the company on agile practices before implementing them throughout the organization. He meets with different managers throughout the company and provides a boot camp on agile practices for product owners. Additionally, the Agile coach advised our client that using offshore resources was very inefficient and recommended bringing more employees back to the US, backed by data. Our team meets with the Agile coach weekly to listen to the client's progress, which has been highly satisfactory. The Agile coach was hired for a six-month assignment, but based on his credibility with the client, it is likely to be extended. Our success in finding the Agile coach has led to more contracting opportunities with this client.