BH HR® Case Study

Human Resources Talent Solutions


Our client, a graph database management system, was growing rapidly, but they couldn’t keep pace with their hiring needs. The company’s own recruiting efforts did not seem to attract enough qualified human resources and recruiting talent to support their mission.


Part of our approach to accepting any client’s job order is to learn about their employer value proposition and strategize on how best to represent them when talking to our candidates. In doing so, we quickly identified that our client had very little brand recognition in the market. This was hampering their ability to attract qualified candidates. Combining our market knowledge with a series of personalized conversations with hiring managers, we honed our service delivery approach to attract and engage well-qualified human resources and recruiting talent to apply for positions with this client.

The Results

Beacon Hill HR succeeded in filling our client’s human resources and recruiting talent pipeline, placing a director of talent operations, a senior recruiter, people operations senior manager, and a contract people operations coordinator. We continue to receive additional roles to fill and have an ongoing relationship with this client. They have made it clear that we are their preferred staffing partner.