BH Technologies® Case Study

Team of Developers to Stabilize a Failed Website Launch at Packaged Goods Company

Our client, a consumer packaged goods company, needed a team of developers to stabilize a failed launch of their most highly trafficked website. The client hired a third party vendor to move their website from a SharePoint environment to a Sitecore environment. After spending millions of dollars with the third party company, the website launched and completely failed. There were hundreds of open tickets within the first couple of days during their busiest time of the year. They needed Sitecore developers to immediately stabilize this website and ensure this would not happen with the second website that they had not yet started to build.


The urgency was high as the company was in the height of their busy season and the website needed to be stabilized as soon as possible. The infrastructure supporting the site was not properly assessed by the third party and the scope of the project and requirements were not clearly defined. The client needed a team who could make an immediate impact.


Our local recruiting team was able to identify senior Sitecore resources, experts in a very niche skill set, and pique their interest in the project as well as the client’s interest in the resources, very quickly. In addition to the development resources, we brought on a project manager to implement Agile and create project plans and monitor timeline and budget. As the project proceeded, Beacon Hill was able to identify gaps and proactively present contractors to fill them who were on-boarded by the client shortly thereafter.

The Results

The client was able to stabilize their website and launch their second website successfully. They have extended the contract for the Beacon Hill resources twice since the start of the project and have engaged each resource in other projects within the department.