Industries on the fast-track for job growth

A recent CareerBuilder study highlights a number of industries that are going to outperform the national hiring average over the next five years.

A recent CareerBuilder study highlights a number of industries that are going to outperform the national hiring average over the next five years. Job seekers would be wise to pay attention to this discovery, as it will provide a starting point of where to look when beginning your next employment search.

The average national job growth is expected to be around 4.6 percent, according to the source. The following industries are all likely to beat that margin:

Home health care services
It's no secret at this point that the health care industry is booming. New advances in technology, accompanied by a growing population of retired persons, are making the field a prime destination for those looking for a new job.

The US Census Bureau office defines home health care services industry as, "establishments primarily engag[ed] in providing skilled nursing services in the home." CareerBuilder expects this sector to grow by 24 percent over the coming half-decade - this equates to around 350,000 new jobs. While a background in the field is almost always required for this occupation, the growth is expected to maintain for a while, giving under-qualified candidates a chance to go to school and learn about it, knowing an opening will be there.

This industry anticipates adding the most jobs to the economy, according to the survey. Now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor and learn all you can about it while new opportunities hit the market.

The home health care sector is expected to add the most jobs to the economy in the next five years.

Computer system design services, internet publishing and electronic shopping
IT employment seems to always be booming, and CareerBuilder agrees. The sector is expected to add a cumulative 295,000 jobs between three aforementioned employment opportunities. The trade as a whole has multiple avenues that job seekers can dive into, but these are currently the most valued on the market.

"If you describe tech as an industry, it would be a combination of software publishing, data processing, and Internet portals in the information sector; computer systems design in the professional services sector; electronics and computer components in manufacturing; and perhaps electronic shopping in retail like Etsy or Amazon," Leslie Hirsch, director of the New York City Labor Market Information Service told the New York Post. "If we break it down by occupation, there are tech jobs in every sector, like software developers, systems administrators, help desk technicians, and so forth."

"In regards to IT employment in online shopping and retail, we have seen a ton of need already in the Chicago market," comments Tyler Byrd, Business Development Manager at Beacon Hill Technologies in Chicago. "Several large Fortune 500 companies have beefed up their web development teams to help bolster their online presence or completely revamp it. In order to compete with the industry giants like Amazon and Zappos, you need to have an intelligent, easy-to- use, and attractive website."

CareerBuilder expects electronic shopping to grow at a rate of 32 percent over the next five years, computer system design at 19 percent and internet publishing at 16 percent. IT jobs tend to net high-paying salaries and job seekers should look forward to an influx of opportunities in this competitive industry.

Administrative management
The study pegged this sector's growth rate at 18 percent, which equates to roughly 115,000 new jobs on the market. Many roles within the professional business services and financial industries require some form of administrative management, which creates a very broad market for new employment.

Specifically, the Census determines this field to encompass various consulting disciplines – whether financial planning and budgeting, office planning, records management, or business process improvement. "We see top companies across all industries investing heavily in administrative operations, either by creating new roles or adding dynamic responsibilities to traditional support roles," says Charlie Cain, Managing Director of the Associates and HR Divisions at Beacon Hill Staffing Group. "Our best clients have continuously raised the bar on the level of expertise, education, experience, technical aptitude and communication skills required for administrative talent. Effective administrative management creates efficiencies, leverages time for executives and increases capacity for all employees, giving companies that do it well a major competitive advantage."

With so much growth across a variety of different occupations, job seekers should have bright futures ahead of them if they tackle the right industries. Stick to the massive growth and you shall be rewarded.

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