BH Technologies® Case Study

Holiday Spikes Impact Business Systems


Our client, a rapidly growing American multinational financial technology company operating an online payments system in many of the countries supporting online money transfers, had been experiencing massive spikes in the number of daily transactions during the holidays. These spikes were difficult for their systems to handle, and our client needed a performance strategy to set themselves up to be able to handle the spikes effectively.


Beacon Hill Technologies implemented a statement of work (SOW) to build our client’s strategic performance plan for their credit division, and we led the entire design for their online performance. Our top performance engineer provided a four-hour assessment with the client’s stakeholders who listened, took notes, and implemented their recommendations.

The Results

Currently, our performance engineer is leading the entire design for our client’s online performance. The client’s internal employees are learning from our consultant how to adjust their systems to these peaks instead of building more infrastructure at great expense. Because of the success of our engagement, we are now in discussions to provide the performance strategy and oversight for an American multinational e-commerce corporation’s major initiative.