BH Government Services® Case Study

Data Analysis for Integration of Asset Forfeiture Systems across Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies

Our client, a large systems integrator, has been supporting the Department of Justice on an asset forfeiture tracking system. Another law enforcement agency that accessed that system needed to understand the interdependencies between their internal systems and the systems that were feeding data to the asset forfeiture tracking system.


Beacon Hill needed to identify a world class analyst with strong data analytics skills in addition to an in-depth knowledge of SQL programming, IDEA advanced data analysis software, SharePoint, and MS-Access. This individual also needed an active security clearance.


Beacon Hill’s Government Services team was able to retain a subject matter expert in Data Analysis with strong problem solving and decision making skills.

The Results

The Beacon Hill consultant hired for this important role was not only able to offer the DOJ, and other partner law enforcement agencies, valuable insight into trends and anomalies within their data, but our consultant was able to be the “eyes and ears” for our client, within a new potential client, helping to increase their contract presence and value.