BH Solutions® Case Study

Implementing 1st-Generation MSP for BioPharma with Booming Non-Employee Population

Client Background

Industry: Biopharma

HQ: Cambridge, MA

Founded: 2008

IPO: 2013

Hiring Managers: 64

Spend: $12 million

Mission: To prolong and improve patients' lives and health outcomes


  • Anticipated continued high growth for both internal headcount and external resources
  • Talent acquisition and hiring managers responsible for engaging and managing 47 suppliers
  • AP managing in excess of 150 supplier invoices weekly
  • Lacking insight into the contingent workforce due to decentralization and inadequate reporting systems
  • Individual hiring managers responsible for on- and off-boarding their contractors; no standardized process
  • Procuring and engaging non-employee personnel cumbersome and transactional
  • Supplier invoices did not align with internal financial hierarchy guidelines
  • Spend category had grown above a manageable level for internal Procurement and HR teams
  • Decentralized process and inconsistent contract terms resulted above market rates and conversion terms


  • 2 dedicated on-site team members identified, trained, and engaged from implementation through go-live and execution
    • Committed to allocate additional program management headcount to accommodate continued growth
    • Developed talent utilization plan, also to support sustained growth
  • Designed supplier strategy that engaged high-performing, preferred suppliers
    • Provided suppliers with white-glove support and streamlined supplier communication
    • Rolled out a proactive talent pipeline strategy to our suppliers
  • Implemented highly configurable Vendor Management System that accommodates ongoing changes in a scalable MSP program
    • Provided hiring managers and suppliers with visibility and insight into non-employee utilization
    • Access to on-demand reports and budgeting tools
    • Established process for aligning non-employee resources to follow accounting string with specific detail to the project level
  • High-touch talent communication and management approach
  • Rationalized pay and bill rates across vendors

The Results

  • White-glove service: On-site team with established relationships with talent, suppliers, and client stakeholders on day one of the program
  • On-time go-live: 100% of milestones completed according to schedule
  • Business-as-usual for mission-critical work: All talent remained on assignment, continuing to work under their suppliers
  • High supplier adoption: Client-identified, high-performing suppliers successfully on-boarded
    • Suppliers proactively informed of forecasted orders; prepared to deliver quality talent
  • 100% fulfillment: All needs met across the organization in all skill categories across all locations
  • Robust talent engagement program resulted in reduced attrition, redeployment, higher conversion rates and increased talent referrals
  • Effective policies and procedures automated in the VMS:
    • Streamlined approval and PO process
    • Hiring managers gained one-stop access to timekeeping, reporting, and real-time data
    • Suppliers able to effectively manage their business in the skill sets in which they specialize, resulting in delivery of high-quality talent
  • Standardized pay and bill rates resulted in increased visibility, cost savings, and more predictable budgeted outcomes

Why They Chose Us

  • A cross-functional project team including HR, Sourcing, IT, key functional leaders, and an executive sponsor selected Beacon Hill Solutions as its MSP through a competitive evaluation process. In their own words, the driving factors behind this client's decision to partner with Beacon Hill Solutions included:
    • High-touch model: On-site Account Managers engaging with Hiring Managers and Staffing Agencies
    • Highly skilled and experienced management and implementation teams
    • Excellent references
    • Private company that is focused on client satisfaction and that can scale with us

What Beacon Hill Does Well:

Requisition distribution is limited to my company’s strengths and core competencies.

We receive feedback on every candidate submitted. Keeps our relationships with contractors strong.

MSP program manager is readily available. They are committed to the success of not only the client but the agency as well. They understand that a more engaged agency like [ours] means greater success and quality of candidates for the client.

Their unique approach to the supplier community makes them the best MSP we have worked within our organizations' history. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for an MSP solution.
Existing high-performing supplier that transitioned into the Beacon Hill Solutions Program

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