BH Solutions® Case Study

Implementing a First-Generation MSP Program

Client Background

HQ: Arlington, VA

Founded: 1929 and acquired by its parent company in 2011

Industry: Legal, Tax, Government, Environment & Business news

Employees: 1,399


  • Hiring managers calling agencies directly allowed for varying terms, risk, and cost escalation
  • The extensive approval process could not be started until after the candidate was identified
  • Hiring managers were making offers to candidates, not knowing how long or if the approval would be granted
  • The manual and cumbersome approval process was the responsibility of the hiring manager and included SOW creation and General Counsel sign-off
  • Lack of job descriptions caused unqualified candidates being placed and significant challenges to convert to full time
  • Multiple invoices per agency worker was challenging for hiring managers and Accounts Payable (AP) to handle
  • Lack of real-time reporting created issues in budgeting and non-employee spend review
  • Onboarding handled by individual hiring managers and included several emails and manual processes in Workday and Coupa including IT, Facilities, and Security, creating further delays and inconsistencies
  • No central timekeeping process, tracking ability, or technology created risk in complying with Union regulations for max hours worked per week and tenure for the contingent worker population


  • The preferred supplier base is vetted, contracted and held to uniform terms and conditions
  • Implement a VMS system to facilitate an internal approval process prior to the procuring of labor
  • Robust change management program allowed for all hiring managers to be trained on the new processes and how to quickly request, gain approval, and onboard new employees with the assistance of their dedicated Talent Consultant
  • Established one MSA with flow-down terms to individual supplier agreements, all managed by Beacon Hill Solutions
  • Worked closely with Human Resources to build a catalog of job descriptions clearly outlining required qualifications and aligning with internal pay grades
  • Flow-down contract terms allow for one single invoice to AP for all suppliers working in the program, while VMS technology allows for one system of record for all timekeeping and invoice set up to meet client-specific accounting string
  • Implement a VMS technology that includes timekeeping for all non-employee candidates; it also automates the contingent labor lifecycle from requisition to invoice, which enables reporting for all key areas including HR and Financial
  • Dedicated on-site resources streamlined and standardized the entire process from onboarding to offboarding. This includes activities such as candidate screenings, scheduling, standardized pre-employment screenings, provisioning of equipment access and workspace, performance management, and the return of equipment/access.

The Results

  • Hiring managers have visibility into a larger group of preferred suppliers that are contracted, vetted, and have consistent terms and conditions. Managers and Suppliers now have a single point of contact to work with to simplify the procurement process which reduces risk exposure, fully engages the supplier community, and enables faster access to talent at competitive market rates.
  • The approval and onboarding timeframe is greatly reduced resulting in fewer candidates falling off and quicker access to talent. The candidate and supplier experience is greatly improved.
  • Improved the hiring manager, supplier, and candidate experience and boosted the client's employer brand in the market by changing the offer process. With offers being made after the approval process, candidate onboarding was simpler, more consistent, and faster.
  • Eliminated the need to create individual SOW agreements for each contingent worker. This streamlined the process and removed the burden for Hiring Manager and Legal Department.
  • Costs were reduced and temp-to-hire conversions increased significantly because hiring managers and suppliers have a clear understanding of the required candidate qualifications. This eliminated the challenge of converting workers who were not qualified or paid correctly.
  • A consolidated approach to invoices has resulted in a significant reduction of labor hours on the AP and Finance teams; simultaneously, hiring managers no longer have to approve multiple invoices from every individual supplier. With the VMS as a system of record, approved time can route directly for payment each week without individual invoice review and approval.
  • Greater visibility enterprise-wide through on-demand reporting. This allowed for better budget planning, historic spend trends, supplier performance, and other important HR key performance indicators.
  • Centralized timekeeping provided real-time visibility into hours worked and tenure, and also enabled tracking in sensitive areas where specific labor laws were applicable.
I've worked with Beacon mostly to process an existing contractor. Our onsite manager is amazing--can't say enough good things about her. She's super responsive, always helpful, and really friendly. Her work saves me a lot of time when working with outside contractors. Much appreciated!
Hiring Manager