BH Associates® Case Study

Communications Specialist Direct-Hire for Washington, D.C. Organization

Our client, an independent 501(c)(3) public interest group focused on ensuring transparency in government and protecting taxpayer interests, needed to hire a communications specialist on a direct-hire basis.


This nonprofit, although listed as nonpartisan, had a traditionally conservative-leaning viewpoint, requiring that the communications specialist be passionate about these values and experienced with that type of platform.


We printed a list of each Congressman who shared the values of this client, and called every office on Capitol Hill to speak with the PR, Media, and Communications staff. In addition, we called all of our clients within this space, marketing the opportunity, and asking for referrals.

The Results

We found a candidate who fit the values, culture, compensation, skill set, and location of the position. She started as a communications specialist and received a promotion in less than 2 years.