BH Legal® Case Study

Document Review: Beacon Hill Legal's Ability to Staff Projects Anywhere

Our Client, a national law firm, was launching large-scale reviews from secondary and tertiary markets in the Southeast.


We have been providing support to them since 2010 and have had projects with upwards of 200 reviewers as well as multilingual candidates from states as far as California to support their projects.


These projects have all been on-shored to smaller, less expensive markets. In fact, these markets are serviced by our Atlanta office as we do not have existing Beacon Hill Legal offices in these locations. How have we done this? We employ continuous recruitment efforts in these markets, including working with local law schools and recruiting in the surrounding states. We frequently travel to their sites for recruitment, the "kickoff" of projects, and project maintenance and support. Corporations love using our client as they are a well-regarded, full-service, national law firm that has really perfected the discovery process. They have state-of-the-art space, technology and processes and still manage to keep their costs lower than you can find overseas.

The Results

Our client has been amazed and thrilled that Beacon Hill Legal has been able to staff numerous reviews for them while still keeping costs down.