BH Financial® Case Study

Financial Staffing for a Rapidly Growing Company


Our client, a collision repair services company headquartered in Westmont, Illinois, was experiencing growth at a rapid pace. They were buying out numerous car repair shops in different states and merging with another trusted collision repair and auto body company. With expansion on the rise, our client needed a partner to assist them with their aggressive financial staffing needs.


They selected Beacon Hill Financial as one of their partners to staff their corporate shared services team, which consisted of accounts payable and receivable positions. They also needed help with their growing corporate payroll team, and other accounting positions. Our team was successful at recruiting the talent they needed because we listened to the hiring managers. We understood what they needed as it pertained to candidates’ experience and backgrounds, as well as personalities to align with their company culture. Our recruiters built up a pipeline of qualified candidates using LinkedIn, referrals, and other job boards to attract the best people in the area.

The Results

We continue to build relationships with our client to make sure they know we prepared to support them for the long-term. We have filled thirty-seven total positions with this client, eight of which have been converted to full-time employees. Because of our success with this client, we have been introduced to different departments within the company to provide talent, which has ultimately helped the company to grow.