BH Financial® Case Study

High-volume Administrative and Financial Roles


Our client, a leading consulting firm providing innovative solutions for local and state government agencies across the country, was selected as a partner by eight states at the same time for a new and urgent initiative. Our client was tasked with building, training, and administering large-scale, customized financial programs. This required staffing extremely highvolume, quick turnaround positions.


Beacon Hill Financial and Beacon Hill Associates worked together to support our client’s high-volume needs supplying more than 1,800 customer service representatives, case managers, supervisors, corporate trainers, and analysts starting in July 2020

The Results

Most of our contractors’ roles have been extended, and we are still recruiting to support the additional headcount and funding that we were awarded. This project came with interesting challenges such as highly specific qualifications including technology certifications, fixed pay scales, ambiguous project duration, and all of this at a time of record-low unemployment. This project was originally slated to end in 2021. However, we continued to support this client into 2023.