Gen Z is the most diverse generation ever: Do you know how to hire them?

There are a number of strategies to help attract quality Gen Z candidates to job opportunities at your company.

As the young adults of Gen Z graduate from college and enter the workforce, employers are evolving their recruitment strategies to harness this cohort's specific talents. So who is Gen Z and what makes them so special?

People who were born between the years 1995 and 2010 are considered members of Gen Z. Unlike millennials, they don't remember a time without cell phones or the internet. Growing up online has shaped them into the most tech-savvy and resourceful folks out there.

"Aspects such as work-life balance and flexibility have received a lot of publicity, but Gen Z employees also value an entrepreneurial work environment that offers them support without micromanaging," says Kellie Baker, Division Director of Beacon Hill's Associates Division in Cleveland. "Gen Zers value clear expectations of their goals and how to achieve them. Another big difference is the recruiting process for Gen Z – I have found that I have to rely on LinkedIn and communicating through either social media or text, rather than having an in-depth phone conversation."

When a 22 year-old employee needs an answer to a question, they're more likely to find it out on their own by using the internet rather than relying on the wisdom of a supervisor. Employers are looking to benefit from skills like these by integrating Gen Z workers into their companies. As an employer trying to recruit fresh, new talent, there are steps you can take to ensure that you're attracting quality Gen Z candidates.

Make diversity a priority

A recent study found that 77% of prospective Gen Z workers will consider the diversity of a company before deciding to work there.

So if your workplace is monolithic in terms of diversity, you're not going to have as much luck bringing on someone in their early twenties. It's important to start prioritizing diversity in your hiring process, because if you don't, you might miss out on some awesome young talent.

Generation Z candidates will often use social media to learn more about companies.

Use video and social media to connect with candidates

While millennials typically rely on a company's website to learn more about them, Gen Z candidates use social media. They'll look at your company's presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and especially YouTube. Creating a YouTube channel and posting regular videos is a great way to connect with a younger audience and show them the benefits of working for your company.

If your company is not generally active on social media, now is the time to get on it. When a Gen Z candidate becomes interested in a job, they'll likely look up the company on Facebook and Linkedin to learn more about them. If they have trouble finding your company's social media profiles, they might become skeptical and disengage from the opportunity.

Encourage health and wellness in your workplace

Does your company have a wellness program? Do you offer your employees discounted gym memberships? What kind of health insurance do your employees get? These factors are increasingly valuable in the eyes of prospective employees.

With incredible strides in the world of health and fitness over the past few decades, Gen Z is the most aware when it comes to avoiding health risks and staying fit. As a result, they're going to want to work for companies that values wellness. If your company doesn't have any programs or benefits to promote healthy lifestyles, that might cast a negative light on you as an employer. Showing that your company makes an effort to keep your employees healthy is a great way to attract Gen Z workers.

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Employers 06.24.22

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