BH Technologies® Case Study

Global Equipment Decommission Program through Acquisition


Our client, a global biotechnology company, was seeing massive growth and success, with goals to hire over 3,000 internal team members focused on sales across the US within twenty months. As the sole IT staffing and statement of work (SOW) provider for our client, this was a huge opportunity for us to support onboarding thousands of new team members through a laptop program, as our client was not able to achieve this on their own. Our client was in the process of being acquired by a multinational pharmaceutical company, adding a layer of complexity to our laptop program, as we needed to not only help with the expansion and onboarding, but collaborate with the acquisition team to support the consolidation.


In twenty months, Beacon Hill Technologies managed what is now our client’s global onboarding laptop program. Our support included:
• Two program managers
• Thirty network administrators
• Two network engineers

The Results

We succeeded in supporting our client’s growth by achieving onboarding stability for nearly 3,000 new team members. Beacon Hill Technologies continues to support our client after the acquisition by decommissioning equipment and with integration initiatives.