How to retain top talent in today's hiring environment

Recruiting high-performing staff is a critical and ongoing need for your business.

The resources invested into recruiting can only pay off if those staff members stay with your company for the long haul. High turnover necessitates more time, money and effort dedicated to talent searches, onboarding and bringing new employees fully up to speed.

It's in the best interest of your company to have a complete framework in place for not only identifying and hiring exceptional workers, but keeping them engaged and satisfied in their roles as well.

Keeping exceptional employees on your team

Our infographic, "How to retain top talent in today's hiring environment," highlights three areas of focus for better employee engagement and retention: A strong company culture, work flexibility and a clear career path.

The steps you take to improve retention may focus more on refining and improving existing systems and structures than introducing entirely new ones. For example, your company almost certainly has some type of framework for recognizing strong performance and promoting staff members who consistently demonstrate that quality. The important questions in this context are:

  • Do employees understand the options available to them, based on their current path and future goals?
  • Do staff members know what the expectations are to be considered for a promotion?
  • Is information related to career progression, salary levels, benefits and other considerations easy to access and understand?

Retaining top talent doesn't have to mean drastic changes to the way your business operates. Improving and optimizing current policies, programs and systems can go a long way toward a more engaged and loyal staff.

Beacon Hill is here to help your company identify the best possible candidates for open positions at your business, making sure your retention efforts can focus on truly high-quality employees.