How to spot a screening scam

Recruitment and screening scams are an unfortunate fact of life as a job seeker. Sadly, malicious actors posting falsified information in an attempt to access sensitive personal information and financial details is on the rise. CNBC reported on Federal Trade Commission data indicating that several types of employment scams either kept relatively steady in terms of activity or increased in 2020.

Being aware of this problem is a key step in avoiding it, but there's much more you can do to recognize and protect yourself from attempts at fraud related to finding a new job.

How to recognize an online hiring scam

Candidate screening scams can take many different forms, but they tend to share some key traits. A good place to start is the legitimacy and credibility of the individual reaching out to you. When a professional recruiter makes contact with a candidate for the first time, they will be ready, willing and able to verify their position, employer and similarly relevant details. With scammers, on the other hand, there is no legitimate role or company behind the fraud. They may attempt to redirect the conversation or simply not respond to requests for more information, but won't provide a concrete, verifiable answer.

Our infographic, "How to spot a screening scam," offers guidance on this topic and many others that are common to recruiting scams, including inappropriate requests for protected information and the use of lookalike URLS. Check it out to learn more:

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