Maintaining a solid company culture in the age of remote work

According to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 55% of organizations that actively work on improving their company culture have an easier time hiring the right candidates for jobs. Therefore, culture can play a big role in determining the future of your business. As working from home, in coffee shops and in shared workspaces becomes commonplace in the professional world, the guidelines for a good company culture become fuzzier.

Here are our tips for keeping your company's culture energetic, collaborative and fun, even as more of your employees start to go remote.

Stay connected, both professionally and socially

Use social channels like Slack and Workplace to keep everyone constantly in the loop. When an employee goes above-and-beyond, tag them in a post and share it with the whole company. But don't just use these platforms for working matters. Post new music you're listening to, or share important life updates, like getting engaged or buying a house. If you set this example, your employees will follow, making your work community stronger and more inviting.

Plan in-person events

Traditions make cultures stronger. So plan some recurring events that everyone can physically participate in and bond during. This could be weekly happy hours, fancy dinners once a quarter, or putting a company team together for an intramural sports league.

Keep office space available for remote workers

Make sure you have desks available for remote employees when they do come in. If everyone in the company is remote, be willing to rent shared work spaces so that you can still have in-person meetings from time to time. This will encourage a more collaborative working environment.

Check out our infographic below for more tips on maintaining a strong company culture with a remote workforce: