More intelligent ways to use AI job search tools

Would you like to conduct an effective AI-powered job search? Take Beacon Hill's results-focused approach to using AI job search tools.

There's been much talk about whether using artificial intelligence (AI) in job searches is positive or negative. However, the real question people should be asking is how they can use it more intelligently. With the wide adoption of AI tools, use is inevitable, but smart use should be the goal.

Come along as we explain some ways to conduct a better AI job search that will get you the results you want.

The state of AI and jobs

After surveying over 1,000 job seekers, Resume Builder determined that AI job search tools such as ChatGPT are improving job searches for some candidates. The numbers speak for themselves.

By using ChatGPT for job application materials:

  • 70% of job seekers saw a better response rate
  • 78% earned an interview
  • 59% got a job

Conversely, 11% were denied a job for using generative AI.

We're sure that as AI continues to improve, the success numbers will only rise.

Up your cover letter game

A cover letter is your chance to move beyond your resume before an interview, so let's get down to how you can make it as great as possible.

1. Cut, cut and cut some more

If writing isn't your strong suit, generative AI programs like ChatGPT can help create a generic cover letter. But remember, even if you use AI generation correctly, it will only get you to the starting line, but not across the finish line.

Take it from two of the world's most famous writers, cutting out what isn't helpful is a best practice in writing.

“If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.” —George Orwell
“A successful book is not made of what is in it, but what is left out of it.” ―Mark Twain

Take the time to cut out anything you consider to be generic or extraneous and instead add some relevant personal touches. Remember, they're hiring you, not a program.

2. Go in the opposite direction

If you want a competitive edge, see what comes out of an AI generator and use it to go in another direction entirely. This could represent candidate differentiation and get you noticed.

We're not saying to avoid addressing the job description, but if it kicks out buzz terms that make you too much like the other candidates, slide in something else that is uniquely ... you!

3. Run a spelling and grammar check on everything

Judicious use of the Grammarly application is a great play. It can check for obvious errors, but beyond that, it can make AI suggestions on how to improve the messaging in general.

Sending in a grammatically correct cover letter is important and this application (and other similar ones) can help you get there.

Automate your resume

Unlike cover letters that lean on personality and a personal narrative, resumes are formulaic.

If you want to provide tailored resumes for each job, it's perfectly acceptable to lean on AI for that. One word of caution though – make sure to check the results before submitting! Nothing says "not invested" more than sending in a resume riddled with errors.

Get active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is always at the forefront of new tools and insights, so it's no surprise that they now offer a tool to optimize your profile. This tool "identifies the most important skills and experiences to highlight in your About and Headline sections, and crafts suggestions to make your profile stand out" which can expedite and improve your profile-building experience.

LinkedIn also provides you the option to be collaborative! You can contribute to articles and get more attention from recruiters based on your thought leadership.

Having an up-to-date, tailored profile that showcases a high engagement level is an excellent choice for a job seeker.

Practice for your next interview

Nerves. They're the WORST, aren't they? How many times have you botched an interview you wanted to ace? Your next one doesn't have to go that way ...

Now you can practice for the curveballs in advance by using tools like, Interview Prep AI, Shadowing AI, Interview School and Yoodli! Each application is a little different, but most offer skills-based questions as well as behavioral ones, so that you can be ready for anything.

Like traditional job seeking, AI-powered job searches are only effective if you put your best foot forward. We encourage you to use every tool at your disposal to improve your efficacy but with quality in mind.

However, when you need a human hand, Beacon Hill is here for you.

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