Pittsburgh's economy has nerves of steel

What can't be said for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - a city where its economy is just as steady as its quality of life?

What can't be said for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - a city where its economy is just as steady as its quality of life? Capitalist trailblazers like Andrew Carnegie and Charles Schwab wrote their history books in the city that continues to provide bountiful opportunities to those who live and work there.

With an incredibly steady job market and even better living conditions, Pittsburgh seems like a no-brainer for job seekers looking to stay up north.

Living life in the 'Burgh
Like many metropolitan areas in the United States, those living in Pittsburgh won't be lacking adventure on the weekend. Around 300,000 people live in the city according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The temperature year round is what's to be expected in the region - an annual high of 61 degrees Fahrenheit with an annual average low of 43 degrees. The location is central to some of the best snow resorts in the area.

Pittsburgh has a unique blend of culture in the city, and nearly everyone can find something that suits them best. Sports fans will love the area for its blend of action at all levels. The University of Pittsburgh is home to a number of Division I sports teams, including football and basketball. At the professional level, the National Football League's Pittsburgh Steelers, National Hockey League's Pittsburgh Penguins and Major League Baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates also play their games in the area.

Steel city has a ton of employment opportunities.

Those more interested in a quiet Saturday can visit the Andy Warhol Museum, Carnegie Museum of Natural History or the National Aviary. Downtown always provides a number of opportunities for nightlife, making the area worth moving to for the niceties alone.

Progress always being made
The job market seems to consistently be changing in the employee's favor in the Steel City. Recently, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center gave its workers what it asked for - a wage increase that will exceed $15 per hour by 2019 - despite not being in a union, according to a UPMC press release.

Usually a change of this magnitude would require union backing, but it's clear the businesses that reside in Pittsburgh understand that employees should be able to make an honest living. This isn't just a win for the service workers at UPMC, but a victory for all workers in the city. It's a clear sign of a healthy relationship between employer and leadership, one that extends far beyond the walls of UPMC.

Looking out on the horizon, Pittsburgh may have all the makings of becoming a technology hub, which we highlighted in an October 2015 articles on the 'Burgh's emergent tech scene. Building on the advancements we detailed there, the Pittsburgh Times noted an explosion of investment in Pittsburgh tech companies toward the end of last year. With notable startups popping up all over the city, along with major companies always looking for tech talent, Pittsburgh's need for top IT professionals will only continue to grow. Job seekers in IT may want to keep an eye on Pittsburgh moving forward - it seems as though companies are beginning to recognize its significance.

The economy built on steel
Pittsburgh was put on the map during the Industrial Era with Carnegie leading the way as a pioneer of industry. Today's market is more modern, with nearly 1.5 million people employed within city limits and a healthy 5.5 percent unemployment rate as of January, 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Nearly 240,000 find work in the educational and health services sector - the city's largest body of employment.
  • Around 110,000 work in leisure and hospitality, which is growing quickly at 5.1 percent as of January 2016.
  • Almost 50,000 are employed in the construction field, which has quietly experienced a 2.4 percent growth rate.

"Hiring is definitely on the rise in the Steel City," remarks Lori Croyle, Division Director of Beacon Hill Associates in Pittsburgh. "New businesses have set up shop in increasing numbers here due to Pittsburgh's low cost of living and consistently high ranking among the best cities to live. We have seen a hiring increase not only in Tech positions, but also Administrative, Customer Service, Accounting and Human Resources roles. The spike in hiring combined with low unemployment rate has resulted in climbing wages. In addition, our access to top-notch cultural activities and world-class sports makes Pittsburgh a top choice to live and work!"

Most major industries in the city are healthy or steadily growing, which bodes well for job seekers looking for their next new adventure that life has to offer.

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