What to expect from a Beacon Hill candidate experience

Discover how Beacon Hill supports job seekers like you with an industry-leading candidate experience on and offline.

At Beacon Hill, we've done a lot of work to make sure the candidate experience you have with us starts in the right way, especially if that first interaction is online. It's important to us that from click one to our first handshake, you're impressed.

Read on to discover all the ways we support job seekers like you as you work toward a new career.


Beacon Hill has industry experts who know what you want out of your career. When you get a call from one of our Division-specific recruiters, you can be assured that they will help you find aligned work, not just a job.

Our Divisions are:

BH Associates® provides support in the areas of Administrative operations, Customer service and call center, Entry-level job seekers with college degrees, Executive Support, Event Planning, Marketing and creative, Office management and operations, Personal assistance, Public relations & communications and Sales.

BH Financial® offers a range of sophisticated services including Dedicated Resources, Interim financial consulting, Staff augmentation, Contract to hire, Executive search & direct hire and Retained search.

BH Government Services® supports and services many agencies like DHS, CBP, Treasury, Smithsonian, Census Bureau, FDIC, Air Force, HHS, IRS, Federal Reserve Board, NOAA, USDA, US PTO, DOL, DOJ, Army, USMC, USCG, DOT, TSA, GSA, VA, DISA, DLA, ATFE and Intelligence Agencies.

BH HR® serves Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Consulting, Financial Services, Healthcare, Non-Profit, Service, Software and other industries.

BH Legal® offers Document review & managed review services, Multilingual legal staffing, Staff augmentation, Contract to hire, Executive search & direct hire, Retained search and Specialized Intellectual Property (IP) practice services.

BH Life Sciences® specializes in practice areas like Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, gene therapy & biologics, Medical device & diagnostics, Sciences in food, beverage, chemical, agricultural, personal care and Health & clinical resources.

BH Solutions® provides enterprise-wide talent solutions and workforce management services.

BH Technologies® helps with practice areas like Agile transformation, Applications, Business process consulting, Data management and analytics, Beacon Hill Digital & Creative, Information security, Infrastructure and Managed Services.

As you can see, our knowledge base is wide. We are confident that we can find you a match!

Open doors

As our 1,400+ recruiting experts regularly work with repeat companies, we already know what they want. Working with Beacon Hill as a job seeker means that by the time you speak to a hiring manager at the company you'd like to work at, the meeting will be distinctly warmer than other experiences may be.

Resources and events

We know some job searches have a lot of downtime and that lack of activity can be discouraging, so we've put together resources and events to help you through.

The Job Seekers Newsletter

Our free newsletter is filled with tips, tricks, trends and more to help you put your best foot forward throughout your search.

The Salary Guide

If you're seeking a role in the Finance sector, our Accounting & Finance Salary Report is perfect for you. It will help you understand the state of the economy so that you can be maximally informed.

Engaged online communities

We have over 400,000 followers on our LinkedIn. We've built our online community by regularly featuring content designed for you specifically. Some of that includes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) content, timely posts with helpful job-seeking content, event promotions and even scam warnings to help keep you safe.

Campus recruiting events

If you want to meet us in person and if you're interested in joining the actual team, one of the greatest ways for rising talent to do so is at our campus recruiting events. We routinely hire Associate Consultants, Account Executives and Staffing Consultants for Beacon Hill.

Excellent benefits and human resources support

While benefits do vary depending on whether you join Beacon Hill's team or if you function as a contractor, there are a lot of benefits. Some examples include comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and both traditional and Roth 401(k) plans. Other notable ones are a simple payroll and benefits administration process, travel discounts and more!

Beyond more traditional benefits though, Beacon Hill is supportive of our team and contractors. That's why we prioritize and promote DEIB both in the workforce at large and within our walls. We also make it our "normal" to be partners in your career. We're here for you and we want you to know that.

From application to advocacy

Sometimes a candidate applies for one role, but they are a better fit for another, and Beacon Hill recruiters recognize that.

"Our postings are purposefully vague and generic and are posted as short summaries of a position. We list critical skills and requirements but take a lot of care not to include anything that would identify our clients. Because the online postings do not include identifiable specifics, we can discuss different similar positions with a candidate that could be a fit based on their skills and experience." –Matthew Glazier, Practice Director, Beacon Hill Associates®

The most direct route to finding your dedicated recruiter advocate (like Matthew above!) starts with applying for an open role. From there, things can kick off with your tastes in mind. Here's our typical process:

  1. Apply for a position with us.
  2. Hold tight while we review your resume.
  3. If a match exists, a Beacon Hill recruiter will reach out to you to discuss your professional interests and experience.
  4. Your recruiter will match your experience with open positions that interest you.
  5. You have a phone or video interview with a hiring manager or team member.

As you can see, applying for one position doesn't have to be where your Beacon Hill journey ends. You can apply for as many as you wish and can always come to us at different stages in your career. We love repeat clients!

We want your Beacon Hill candidate experience to be a positive one, which is why we're always working on improving. Would you like to be our next hire? Apply for an open job today!

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