5 impressive questions to ask your interviewer

These five questions are good tools to have in your arsenal come time for an important interview.

For many job seekers, the trickiest part of an interview is when the tables are turned and you have to ask questions of your interviewer. However, it's as important to be prepared and confident with your questions as it is to nail your responses.

These questions may be an afterthought if you're a novice in the world of job hunting, but the questions you ask can help to confirm your qualifications for a position, emphasize your genuine interest in the company and help to close the deal at your dream job. It's best to have four or five questions ready to go, and you can ask more or less depending on the time and response. If you're not sure what constitutes a "good" inquiry, tailor these five questions to your situation and get ready to wow your interviewer.

"Use tailored questions to emphasize your strengths."

1. What's a major problem your staff is currently facing?
It may not seem intuitive to ask about problems the company may be having, but this type of question shows you're thinking about how you could contribute to the workplace. It also opens the floor for a follow-up question on how you could help solve the issue if you're selected for the role. This is a great opportunity to further emphasize your strengths and establish yourself as a good match for the position.

2. How would my success in this position be measured?
You can even take this question a step further and ask what the employer would ideally like you to accomplish in six months or a year. This type of inquiry tells the interviewer that you're not just concerned about getting the job, but that you're also interested in becoming a key player at the company.

3. Would I be working on project XYZ at all?
Hopefully you've spent some time looking into the company you're interviewing with and have a solid grasp of what their major projects would be. You can show that you've done your homework by asking about a specific client, project or product that you'd be interested in contributing to. These sorts of questions can often lead to discussions that are beneficial to both you and the interviewer.

Be sure to ask about the company culture and work environment.

4. Can you tell me a little about the company culture?
This portion of your interview is also a good time to flesh out any lingering concerns you may have about the company. Asking about the culture and workplace can often clue you in to whether you'll be comfortable in the office and in a good position to excel. You can also ask your interviewer why they like working there or for a little bit of information about the team you'll be placed on.

5. Are there any skills required for this job that I'm missing?
If you're feeling particularly gutsy, you can ask an interviewer about any shortcomings that might contribute to an adverse hiring decision. However, make sure you're prepared to hear the honest truth! When you ask about gaps in your skills or experience, it gives you the opportunity to make one final argument for yourself and get an idea of what the interviewer is thinking. You can also use the response to hone your interviewing skills for future jobs.

These questions are a few good options to have in your arsenal come time for an important interview. However, don't be afraid to throw in some other questions that you think of during the interview. You also don't need to wait until prompted to ask questions - just be sure they fit naturally into the flow of the conversation.

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