BH HR® Case Study

Contract Sourcing Project, Consulting

Our client, a global management consulting firm, needed help with a pilot sourcing program they were launching.


Our client was looking for a great recruiter with strong sourcing skills who could come in as part of a pilot program to expand the firm’s sourcing capabilities, but because of the start-up nature of the program, they needed someone who could work independently, perform in a very unstructured environment, and help a new manager make a pilot program successful.


We identified a star candidate moving from NYC to Boston with strong sourcing skills as well as the right “soft” skills for the role. We took great care to explain the uniqueness of the role and the environment to make sure expectations were managed.

The Results

Our contractor interviewed for the role and was hired for a two month contract. The pilot program was a big success, and the firm has continued to grow its in-house sourcing team. We currently have another contract recruiter on assignment with this client, in a similar role.