BH Technologies® Case Study

Driving Success in IT Staffing & Mobile Development for Household Name in Digital Payments


Our client is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California. We secured work with them through their Statement of Work (SOW) program, providing a total of twenty professionals in 2022. They were highly satisfied with our performance, leading to our inclusion as a preferred partner competing with nine other vendors. ​

As one of the world’s largest digital payment corporations, they had a pressing need for skilled professionals, including mobile Android, iOS, and Java developers for web applications, project managers, QA testers, and various other roles and skill sets.​


To better understand their needs and provide optimal support, we developed a strong relationship with our client to gain insights into their requirements and align our services accordingly. We prioritized active listening and avoided merely relying on job descriptions. Our team invested time and effort to thoroughly understand each role and the main motives of their requirements.​

By setting high expectations in terms of learning the client's business, we were better positioned to support their IT staffing needs effectively. This allowed us to align our services with their strategic objectives and provide tailored solutions.​

The Results

In our first full year of supporting our client, we quickly surpassed the service quality and sourcing accuracy of the previously existing vendors and emerged as one of the top two IT specialty staffing partners, proven by the share of requisitions we filled in comparison to the rest of the supplier pool.​

Through our strong relationship-building efforts, we successfully placed thirty professionals in Austin, Texas over a two-year period, and we collaborated with twenty hiring managers. Our contributions were particularly significant in our client's mobile development and application space. Additionally, we fostered collaborations with other technology groups within our organization to enhance support for our client.​

Building upon our success, we anticipate expanding our partnership to additional locations, specifically New York and Atlanta, soon. By leveraging our strong foundation and expertise, we aim to further meet our client's evolving needs and contribute to their continued growth.​

Through our client-centric approach, comprehensive understanding of the client's business, and exceptional performance, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted partner for this multinational financial services corporation. Our dedication to delivering high-quality IT staffing solutions, particularly in the mobile development and application domain, has garnered recognition and set the stage for further expansion and collaboration.