BH Associates® Case Study

Entry-Level Professionals

More than half of the temporary requests we receive from clients can be, and are, filled by entry-level professionals with college degrees who have internship and office experience. We are an excellent resource for college graduates looking to earn money while conducting a longer-term, career-oriented job search. Often, our college grad temporary employees are offered opportunities to interview for direct hire roles within the client companies we have them engaged on temporary assignments. By making successful placements with these job seekers at our client companies, these entry-level professionals, more and more, are seen as great candidates for our clients. Through consultative advice, we’re able to show our clients that moldable, bright, graduates with potential can be valuable investments for long-term employment.


Entry-level professionals don’t always see the value in “temping,” often due to not having knowledge of all the benefits. Client companies often feel they need candidates with more years of experience to do what we know to be entry-level work.


We work with entry-level professionals to educate them on the benefits of temping. Not only do these candidates have an opportunity for compensation, but they can also build their skills, enhance their resume, and gain confidence by working in a professional environment. We work with our client companies to educate them on what great candidates entry-level professionals with college degrees can be.

The Results

In just our Washington, D.C. location alone, we saw 68% of our “temporary” placements ultimately earn job offers for permanent employment with our clients. This means that more than 2/3 of the peoplewho were willing to take on temporary assignments, earned permanent jobs because of it.