BH Technologies® Case Study

Local Project Manager and Technical Staff Recruitment


Our client, an insurance agency in Chicago, Illinois, was dissatisfied with the services provided by its then‐current staffing partner. The client was unhappy that the consultants assigned were working other jobs simultaneously and not solely providing services to their company. Furthermore, our client needed people onsite at least two to three days a week to meet their business objectives. However, this staffing partner was not a local company and only supplied remote consultants to work with our client. Therefore, the client needed a local staffing partner with qualified, local talent.


Beacon Hill Technologies was engaged to support this client after our team was invited to their local Chicago office. We received a tour of their offices and established a strong connection with the director of the program management office (PMO). The client liked that we were a local staffing company and that we had extensive relationships with local talent. They were very impressed with the first two project managers we placed for them and allowed our team to keep in touch about their upcoming needs.

The Results

We currently have eight consultants working with this client and continue to receive roles weekly. Because of our success, the PMO director has referred us to fill roles in other departments. During this time, the client was acquired. The parent organization recently executed a master services agreement so that we can staff for both organizations. Our goal is to have over twenty consultants on assignment with this client by the end of 2023.