BH Technologies® Case Study

Nationwide, Multi-site Windows 10 Migration


Our client, a large manufacturing company with multiple locations across the United States (US), embarked upon a Windows 10 roll out. However, they recognized they did not have the adequate resources to complete this project, and began searching for a trusted deployment partner.


Beacon Hill Technologies was engaged to scope, manage, and deliver Windows 10 to our client’s community of internal users. We were asked to propose a roll out plan that included number of resources needed, cost of resources for the duration of the project, and our ability to support over four main locations across the US. Together, we agreed to a main team of a project leader and multiple technicians who would handle the roll out for their Nashville, Tennessee (TN) location. Once completed, this team then travelled to specific hubs to complete the migration for the surrounding locations. This team consisted of seven roll out technicians who worked to accomplish this project, as well as have in-depth interactions across our client’s environment. Our delivery teams worked with the client in multiple locations to complete the following:

• Scope the work
• Craft a project plan
• Coordinate hardware logistics
• Identify consulting resources
• Effectively deliver a quality migration solution

The Results

Our client shared with us that this project could not have been accomplished without the assistance of our project resources. Beacon Hill Technologies completed the project on time, within projected budget, and to the satisfaction of our client.