What do employees find the most motivating?

Motivating employees is a true win-win situation, offering benefits to the company as well as individual staff members.

Motivation is an ongoing concern for businesses across the economy.

Committed employees with a positive attitude offer some clear benefits compared to workers who aren't. Gallup research found businesses in the top quartile of employee engagement realize advantages in areas from productivity and retention to higher profitability, as compared to companies in the bottom quartile. However, just 34% of U.S. workers feel engaged at their jobs.

How can your organization motivate and engage employees? Let's look at a few strategies that can boost employee mood, involvement and performance - and positively impact your company as well.

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Showing appreciation

Offering perks and benefits that matter

Promotions, raises and other positional and financial rewards are undeniably valuable in the context of motivating employees. An increase in compensation, a new title or a performance-based bonus can all emphasize the rewards of work and encourage positive performance in the future. While this fact is already clear to many business leaders, it's worth reviewing your current approach to raises and similar considerations to make sure these resources are allocated in the most effective way possible.

Other strategies for recognizing employee value

Even when businesses have a good strategy in place for recognizing employees with financial rewards, raises and bonuses can only be provided so often. Business2Community highlighted other ways to show appreciation, including formal events focused on employee recognition and less-structured interactions where managers and leaders offer congratulations and sincere thanks. Soliciting, carefully listening to and acting on feedback from staff can also make them feel listened to and appreciated.

"If you're looking for ideas about how to help motivate your employees, a great place to start is by asking the employees themselves," says EJ Darisse, Solutions Partnership Director for Beacon Hill's Solutions Division. "Some people despise getting singled out for recognition, and others can't get enough flattery. Not everyone is motivated by a fancy steak or a day off. Some prefer individual goals while others prefer team goals. Bring your employees into the conversation before you set goals and rewards so they have more ownership of both."

Emphasizing employees' sense of purpose

Highlighting the reasons why staff perform certain tasks or have specific responsibilities can help them develop a common cause of sorts. This can boost individual engagement and lead to greater group motivation, as Inc. pointed out. Companies perform best when their staff have a shared sense of commitment and pride, so occasional discussions of purpose and intent can help motivate staff and improve business outcomes.

Giving staff goals and objectives

Specific goals are a powerful thing in the working world, giving staff a way to focus their efforts on a daily basis and building to long-term successes. Forbes contributor Rebecca Skilbeck said making work meaningful for employees can help motivate them, and setting goals serves as a bridge between the overall objectives of a company and the individual priorities and responsibilities of staff. Making goals competitive but achievable, noting incremental progress and adjusting goals on a regular basis can all help make this effort successful.

Defined goals and objectives also tie into the general motivating factor of showing appreciation for employees. By taking the time to set strong goals, your organization can show appreciation for the achievements that matter the most.

Showing appreciation, setting goals and other motivational efforts are that much more successful when your organization has dependable, effective and competent staff. Learn more about how Beacon Hill's experts can help you recruit the best employees possible - get in touch with us today.

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