Beacon Hill Technologies’ Ava Wiseman Featured in Sync Magazine

June 12th, 2018

Ava Wiseman, Division Director of BH Technologies – Detroit, was recently featured in Sync Magazine. The article, “Finding Detroit’s Future,” focused on how Wiseman plays matchmaker to help the Motor City’s tech companies reach top talent.

As reported in the article, in 2010 unemployment in Detroit was 30% and the population was at an all-time low. Although the staffing market was already saturated, Wiseman was up for the challenge and helped launch Beacon Hill Technologies in Detroit that year.

Throughout the past eight years, Wiseman and her team have worked to help fill the growing number of IT jobs in Detroit. “The market is very competitive,” Wiseman stated. “A lot of companies didn’t need staffing, but now, due to the supply being low and the demand being high, they have turned to staffing agencies. People are trying to pull the trigger a lot quicker, especially when they need skilled IT employees.”

The article went on to explain how Wiseman doesn’t just focus on filling positions. Instead, she dedicates time to building and fostering relationships with clients. “We customize each branch to focus on what each individual market dictates to be successful. That has helped us support our clients so much better. We make a conscious effort to understand the demands, and that’s how we can be competitive to find that top 20 percent of potential candidates.”

As noted, Wiseman has come to understand how hard it is to be a candidate. “One of the most stressful things people can do is change their career, and we don’t take that lightly,” she says. But when a successful match is made, it’s golden: “When you help someone make that transition, being able to make that match and see them grow their career, that is awesome to witness.”

Beacon Hill Technologies places IT contractors in all 50 states by seamlessly coordinating recruiting resources in local and regional markets with Beacon Hill Technologies National Recruiting & Delivery, a dedicated national recruiting team that focuses exclusively on national accounts.