4 Emerging Technologies That Drive Growth

Organizational stakeholders understand the role technology plays in sustainable business growth. Solutions that promote collaboration, automation and efficient data usage can create the agility modern enterprises need to succeed in today's complex market. However, leaders face a complicated challenge when they need to determine which technologies will provide the best return on investment.

Understanding business technology trends

When business leaders and technology stakeholders come together to identify solutions that drive growth, they often try to observe how their organization provides value to its customers. For example, if the majority of customers access the business's website via mobile devices, the organization should allocate the necessary resources to optimize services for mobile-first users. This goes for internal processes, as well, such as the types of devices employees use to accomplish job tasks.

Another challenge arises when technologies evolve so fast that leaders can't keep up. A few years ago, artificial intelligence solutions were rare and inefficient. Today, there are more AI-powered solutions that one person can research in a day. So how do organizations pick the right technologies for their unique needs? It helps to have a dedicated consultant who can identify solutions such as the technologies in our infographic below: