BH Technologies® Case Study

Building and Integrating Salesforce into an Organization


Our client, a provider of internet and cable, added a new commercial side to their business that required technical support. As such, our client needed to add an IT department and, ultimately, a Salesforce team, because our client’s CRM was Salesforce. They were trying to staff up a team internally but did not like how their current program was being inundated with hundreds of resumes for candidates who did not have the skills listed on their resumes. To save time and to assist with screening and converting candidates to permanent positions, our client hired Beacon Hill Technologies.


We implemented a new recruiting process to eliminate risk, wherein we participated in interviews, developed pre-screening questions to ask candidates to address technical skills, and stopped interviews if we knew candidates were not being honest. Any candidate who interviewed was asked the basic five questions; beyond that, the interview question became more technical. The minimum expectations of the role were met via the initial five questions. This process helped the client to eliminate unqualified candidates.

The Results

We hired five developers and six business analyst, filling all roles we were tasked with (80 percent of their new team). We are proud to share, we still have a Salesforce team providing support to this client.