BH Financial® Case Study

Dedicated Resource Program for Accounting Department Reshoring


Our client, an American discount supermarket chain store headquartered in greater St. Louis, was experiencing challenges within their accounting department. With the department using internal staff to disengage employees in India and bring work back to their corporate office in St. Louis, the company needed resources to handle their day-to-day business functions, which were consistently experiencing disruptions.


To address our client’s challenges, Beacon Hill Financial supplied four dedicated resources with shared service accounting backgrounds. These dedicated resources currently execute all the company’s accounting functions in one location, while other accounting resources continue to work on disengaging employees in India.

The Results

Our resources have been instrumental in helping to improve business continuity and are currently positively contributing to our client’s accounting goals and objectives. Furthermore, through our Dedicated Resource Program, these four individuals receive paid time off in addition to quarterly bonuses, which are perks to influence retention. Although this project is expected to be completed in April 2022, we expect that our dedicated resources will continue to serve this client on an ongoing basis.