BH Financial® Case Study

Dedicated Resource Program Incentives for Long-term Resources


Our client, a Boston non-profit, needed a resource for a long- term project. They wanted to ensure not only business continuity, but that the candidate was “taken care of” because of the challenging nature and long (but limited) timeframe of the project.


Beacon Hill Financial introduced our dedicated resource program to this client. Our approach attracted excellent candidates by paying them holidays and quarterly bonuses while they performed the work—incentives that are not usually available. Additionally, in order to be hired on permanently, this client had a mandate that employees live within the city’s zip codes. This candidate did not, so our program allowed our client to provide an exceptional level of benefits to this consultant, since they were getting benefits, paid holidays, and extra bonuses while they were active in our dedicated resource program.

The Results

This was already a loyal client, but they now know we have even more to offer. This client asked about our dedicated resource program for future projects. They like giving their talent the best working experience and are eager to use our program whenever possible in the future.