How to scale hiring efforts effectively

Scaling hiring efforts requires some careful planning and attention to detail, but it can also create some major benefits for your organization in the long term.

If your business has a dependable, effective hiring practice in place, you may not think twice about the potential problems that can occur when scaling up recruitment efforts. If your business doesn't have an understanding of how hiring practices can change based on the number of workers it needs and the different types of positions it needs to fill, problems can quickly follow.

Use this advice to help your recruiting strategy stay effective and efficient.

Two coworkers reviewing a hiring plan.

Focus on key attributes for each position

Whether your organization needs to hire a dozen new staff members to fill a specific role or bring on the same number of employees across several departments, understanding what it takes to be successful is vital. When company leaders, department supervisors, HR and recruiting staff can all agree on the core traits needed for a given position, it's that much easier to find the right candidate. Forbes said achieving this consensus before beginning any active recruiting efforts is especially important. Taking the time to build this level of understanding going forward will help your business continue to recruit strong talent well into the future.

Commit to finding high-value candidates

Bringing in especially impressive applicants for interviews requires some additional work relative to finding an acceptable but average candidate. When your company is growing, it needs to have staff members who can not only fill the basic requirements of the position they're hired for but also grow into more senior roles - and even take on a role in recruiting and interviewing in the long term. Entrepreneur pointed out that as much as scaled hiring is often a time-sensitive effort to bring in the necessary employees, it's also an opportunity to fill your company with the best possible staff.

"We have a commitment to hiring the best possible staff, achieved by constantly looking, talking to and interviewing good candidates," says Maricela Ostrand, Regional Director for Beacon Hill's Pharma Division. "Employers often make the mistake of only looking for the best candidate when they are ready to hire and have an approved headcount. Unfortunately this forces the decision on selecting from only those available at that given time. If we instead set a goal of always pipelining good talent and staying in touch with both active and passive candidates, we will increase our chances of hiring the best. This process results in strong comparative data that we can use when assessing candidates, because we have a better sense of what the overall talent pool looks like. When it comes time to make a decision, it's nice to know that we can call through a list of already established relationships and leverage solid referrals."

When you select exceptional candidates, your company can quickly increase its competencies and position itself to make future hiring efforts that much better. A high level of talent within an organization means it's easier to establish a culture of excellence.

Document the process and results

No recruiting effort will go perfectly. Even in situations where the majority of candidates who make their way through the recruiting process are exceptionally qualified, there are opportunities to identify desirable prospects who didn't complete the process or areas where resources weren't allocated efficiently. Documenting these scaled-up recruiting efforts allow your organization to continue to engage in practices that lead to positive results. It also lets your company make adjustments in areas where processes took too long, required too much attention or simply didn't pan out. That means the next hiring drive will start off in an even better position.

Working with experienced, skilled recruiters can make a world of difference when ramping up hiring efforts, helping your organization bring in consistently talented candidates. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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