BH Technologies® Case Study

Infrastructure Information Technology Quality Assurance Team


Our client, an American telecommunications and mass media company, needed to rapidly grow their small, five-person infrastructure IT quality assurance team to forty-five employees. This small, but mighty, team was the fastest growing in the organization. Just before the July 4th holiday, the director of the organization contacted Beacon Hill and shared the initial need to quickly identify and build a team of ten consultants in less than one month for data / metrics reporting and analytics, root cause analysis, and IT academy (learning and development).

Solution & The Results

Beacon Hill had established a strong reputation with this organization, so we were confident we could quickly put together a dynamic team who would be successful in their larger environment. We were selected to exclusively build this team, with the assurance we’d provide a dedicated account team who would identify, screen, and present qualified contractors to our client’s director. We successfully identified potential team members in a short timeframe over the holiday. Candidates were screened the following week, and the team was selected and delivered within two weeks from the request. We took care of the administrative tasks and onboarding requirements necessary to have a cohesive team ready to start on day one. Additionally, we hosted a private gathering for the new team and their internal stakeholders as an ice breaker event before their first day. This gave everyone the chance to meet face-to-face and begin bonding prior to starting their assignments. Our client continues to be pleased at the quality of work and success of the team.