BH Technologies® Case Study

Modernization—Engineering SWAT Team


Our client’s home lending technology (HLT) was implementing a modernized software engineering SWAT team to eliminate the many problems across multiple projects in HLT. This team of engineers helped HLT gain solutions and expedite delivery in areas where modernized technology solutions were being implemented.


Beacon Hill Technologies has six SIBCs within home lending, and we continue to make progress on the six quarter roadmaps for each effort. The internal teams have completed knowledge training for the enhanced skillsets required for the success of these roadmaps; however, the next phase is to bring in a SWAT team to provide a niche set of modernized technology skills and assist with leading our current teams to build upon the training completed. These resources upskill our existing staff and move towards our roadmaps simultaneously. The roadmap outcomes reduce the total number of applications, simplify monolithic applications, cloud-enable applications, and build out micro services to become CI / CD, low code / no code, API connections enabled, as well as implement event-driven architecture across our applications to move towards the HLT strategy. This engagement helps us accelerate the tech strategy for HLT.

Suppling the needed resources (outlined in the table on the next page) digitize the retail and servicing customer experience while transforming the investor services applications.