BH Technologies® Case Study

SCL Health | ITDS Beaker Project​


(Legacy) SCL Health made the strategic decision to implement a new Laboratory Information System (LIS). They aimed to move from the Sunquest LIS to Epic's Beaker LIS. The project also included a specimen collection module called Epic Rover. This client’s pathology partners planned to transition from Anatomic Pathology (AP) systems, some Sunquest, and other homegrown systems, to Epic's AP module. Needing a quick turnaround of three months and multiple locations, this client engaged Beacon Hill Technologies, as we had an existing, successful partnership in place.​


Our team quickly identified and placed over twenty-three capable resources across three regions and ten locations. Beacon Hill developed a project deployment plan that called for Transitional Readiness Assessments (TRA) to be performed in each SCL Health facility as led by each respective site leader. Under our project plan, skilled resources deployed desktop computers and printers, then they tested workstations, printers, and peripherals in preparation for full scale testing and activation. In some cases, our resources were required to fulfill the role of desktop support as a backfill for SCL analysts.​

The Results

As experts in their fields, our resources successfully implemented and completed all deliverables for this client within the required three-month timeline. We are proud to share we continue to partner with our client in 2023.​