BH Technologies® Case Study

Emerging Technology Implementation


In January 2018, this Fortune 100 manufacturing organization began several initiatives to modernize and move several of their existing projects to the cloud (Amazon Web Services and Java). They were having challenges with their existing vendors delivering the human capital needed for this new environment. Because it was a new technical solution for them, their existing staff was learning the technology skills through implementation, leading to a shortage of human capital with this expertise. Additionally, they needed the work completed onsite, in a less populated area of Iowa, and not many suppliers had this technology stack within their environments. Last, they not only needed to provide a long-term solution for their internal teams to gain expertise, as well as attract local talent, and relocate talent with this experience—they also needed to do so with a tight budget.


Beacon Hill Technologies partnered with our client through our Human Capital as a Service (HCaaS) delivery model to engage talent through our Talent as a Service (TaaS), Global Talent Solutions (GTS), and managed services groups. TaaS focused on identifying and attracting new talent to new projects and roles. GTS focused on deploying and redeploying our bench resources from projects across the country, as well as reducing cost and ramp timeframes. Our managed resources group helped assemble existing teams as new projects launched. Given the criticality of technical success, we developed a proprietary coding prescreening tool to quickly identify the right talent for projects. Our client has also leveraged this coding tool to find training opportunities within its full-time staff to upskill in certain areas.

The Results

Over the last three years, we have become our client’s number one vendor, having deployed over ninety right-to-hire consultants across the following technology stacks: Developers (e.g., React, AWS, Java, .NET, PEGA, Cloud Engineers, UI, Python, Full-Stack, Middleware and Front End, Mainframe, and Embedded software engineers), business analysts, security identity analysts, infrastructure analysts, business intelligence analysts, project managers, Adobe implementation analysts, data engineers, automation analysts, agile coaches, test engineers, and IT quality assurance analysts.