Energizing the workforce: 3 amazing careers created by renewables

The clean energy sector is one of the fastest growing job markets in the U.S. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, renewables currently support 4 million jobs, with new opportunities appearing almost every day. As fossil fuel usage declines, more governments and organizations are taking advantage of clean energy sources like wind and solar.

As a result, there are many job titles today that did not exist just a decade previously. Positions like Smart Grid Engineer and Solar Panel Technician are becoming more common - and demand shows no signs of slowing down.

Building a sustainable career path

Recently, Forbes reported that solar energy is expected to be cost-competitive with coal by 2025, which indicates that job growth is likely to take off at an even higher rate within the next decade. Importantly, technician jobs in the solar energy sector don't require advanced degrees, and they tend to be safer than similar positions in wind energy.

Job seekers interested in working in renewable energy will have many options available to them outside of utilities companies. Renewables will support other industries, such as automobile manufacturing, which is increasingly shifting toward non-gas powered vehicles. According to Tesla, 23 states currently have tax incentive programs to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

As the renewable energy economy expands, it will continue to open up new job opportunities that weren't previously available. Check out our infographic below to learn more about these exciting jobs: