BH Technologies® Case Study

Enterprise-Wide Cloud Migration


This $10 billion multinational analytics company was undergoing an enterprise-wide cloud migration. The project involved migrating all products and applications across multiple business units from two on-prem data centers to Microsoft Azure. While they were able to lift and shift some applications, most needed to be completely re-architected and rewritten before migrating. The applications were client-facing and varied in tech stack (.NET / Windows, Java / Linux, Perl / PHP / Linux, etc.), which presented additional challenges for their internal teams. The company did not have the internal staff for this massive undertaking and had aggressive timelines to meet.


Beacon Hill Technologies leveraged our Human Capital as a Service (HCaaS) delivery model by first meeting with the key stakeholders to understand the current environment, technical requirements, and project timelines. We blended our Talent as a Service (TaaS) model to quickly provide highly technical, Microsoft-certified architects with prior cloud migration experience to lead the initiative, while giving our client the ability to convert them to internal employees and retain the knowledge long term. Our delivery manager assessed the variety of technologies being used throughout the organization and we efficiently onboarded DevOps engineers, site reliability engineers, and developers for all tech stacks. We also identified communication gaps between business units due to the complexity of the organization and the ever-changing nature of the project. We provided a single point of contact (POC) to bridge these gaps, effectively track progress, manage onboarding, and provide centralized reporting with status updates. Due to the value added in the initial phases of the project, our client asked us to provide the same services to additional business units who are beginning their migration. This is an ongoing, multi-year engagement that Beacon Hill is supporting.