BH Technologies® Case Study

Managed Services Project to Manage Service Desk Log Tickets


Our client, an American healthcare company, needed assistance with a large initiative to rebuild their service desk team of 120 contractors within their Identity Access Management (IAM) department. They had discovered an excessive ticket volume count and a record-high back log. Tickets were incomplete and improperly closed out, and they were being tossed back and forth for someone else to close. The tickets received normally included requests for assistance with provisioning, onboarding, and offboarding candidates, as well as granting candidates and users access to systems and applications.

Our client needed a quick solution to manage a consistent log of 24,000+ tickets a month. In addition, the department was automating current processes within their ticketing system channels, supporting an influx of projects and preparing for an upcoming annual enterprise-wide initiative. As a result, the client needed to hire candidates in bulk for short-term assignments on a week-to-week basis.


Understanding our client’s challenges, we provided a custom solution, including a phased approach to hiring. This allowed a smooth onboarding and transition process. Phase 1 included building a contracting team of forty long-term contractors supporting many applications. Phase two was building the rest of the team who eventually converted to full-time roles. Phase three consisted of contractor management and support, including weekly meetings with leadership, daily meetings with the IAM team, and training for the first three months to get the team up to speed with accessibility to all the required programs and features. During this phase, our client requested an additional ten resources to support their home-grown applications and the upcoming large initiative. They had a hiring deadline so the entire team would be ready for the big project.

Our client trusted us to conduct all the interviewing, screening, and presenting of candidates. We built a pod from our delivery team that
strategically focused on the required roles. They performed an in-depth technical screen with questions provided from the client, a video WebEx interview, and then we conducted a final interview. This strategic approach allowed us to find the best match with candidates who had the strongest technical skills, acumen, and personality fit.

By understanding the technical skills and qualifying the best candidates for the roles, we became subject matter experts to the unique needs our client was looking to fulfill. Following the final interview, we prepared up to fifteen profiles and held WebEx interviews to present to the client every Thursday. During these session with our client, we would walk through each candidate’s qualifications and discuss why they were a fit for the role. The client would then tell us who they would like to move forward in the hiring process.

The Results

Because of our success with this client, we continue to receive ongoing business. In fact, they recently awarded another seventy positions to fill for their November 2022 ramp up. They needed these seventy resources to provision 6,000 new hires within a six-month period. The seventy resources have been placed on a six-month contract to fulfill the client’s need to onboard 6,000 resources needs enterprise wide. We have successfully filled 120 contracting roles within this tight five-month deadline. The client has been grateful for our partnership and dedication to finding quality candidates, as well as providing a timely solution. They have since spread the word to other managers within the enterprise about Beacon Hill Technologies who plan to use our services in other areas of the enterprise.